Environmental Policy

Assurant is committed to continually improving our environmental performance. We endeavor to make sound business decisions and, wherever feasible, integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our business. We continue to research best practices and to explore the possibility of partnerships with other companies, environmental organizations, and local communities – all with the intent of strengthening our environmental stewardship.

We respect forest ecosystems and bio diversity. We require that our paper suppliers make a commitment to responsible forestry practices and avoid paper from sources that are known to log unsustainably or illegally managed forests. We strive to design and print our advertisements and other communications in an environmentally responsible manner. We expect continual improvement in our company and partners by rewarding and encouraging suppliers who meet or exceed industry standards.

Assurant is dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by introducing energy saving measures at all of our facilities. By taking steps such as supporting recycling programs, implementing power management policies, sponsoring car pool programs, and educating our employees, we strive to make a real environmental impact at all of our locations.

Corporate social responsibility is a core component of our corporate identity. As such, choosing products from forests certified by the independent Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is our intent and policy moving forward. Utilizing this paper for our print vendors and copiers supports the highest environmental standards established by the FSC and reflects our dedication to conservation and responsible forest management.

Assurant has taken the following steps to promote a sustainable environment:

  • We require our print vendors to be FSC chain-of-custody certified.
  • We encourage our printers to go above and beyond what the law requires by documenting their environmental efforts and supporting vendors committed to making a real environmental impact with their production methods.
  • We utilize print vendors closest to the delivery point, whenever possible, to reduce carbon emissions caused by shipping.

Real Estate and Facilities Management Sustainability Policy

As a global corporation, Assurant has a social responsibility to set positive examples of management and conservation within the organization and communities we represent. Our policy includes the implementation of both mandatory and voluntary practices to reduce landfill waste, further recycling, conserve energy, and reduce the usage of natural resources.

Committed to documenting the efforts of each facility and continually improving environmental performance, we will periodically conduct formal reviews across the organization. This ongoing endeavor is designed to assure compliance with environmental regulations and internal procedures.

As a company, we are committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment.

The Environmental Report Card details the efforts being made across Assurant.

Environmental Report Card
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