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SureDepositIncreasing risk mitigation and providing tenants with options

SureDeposit is a win-win for both property managers and tenants. Property managers benefit from increased protection, while tenants are able to move into a new office space with less cash outlay.

What can SureDeposit do for your property management company?

DECREASE YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN: If you’re unable to recover damages or unpaid rent from a tenant, SureDeposit steps in. You simply file a claim, then SureDeposit provides a speedy payment and takes over the collections on your behalf.

IMPACT YOUR BOTTOM LINE: Bond payments are paid by tenants. The only indirect cost to owners is the time required to evaluate and integrate the product into the leasing process.

RAISE DEPOSIT LEVELS: For example, if you wanted to raise your deposit requirement from $1,000 minimum to $2,000, you could meet this objective with a $2,000 SureDeposit bond, for which the tenant would make a one-time, non-refundable payment of only $350. This doubles your coverage, yet is still appealing to the tenant. For less competitive markets, SureDeposit provides a move-in friendly option for tenants and supplements current high-dollar security deposits.

A GREAT MARKETING TOOL: The for-lease ad headline “No Security Deposit for Qualified Tenants” typically attracts tenants and can help increase occupancy. All training, marketing and enrollment materials are included.

BOOST THE AMOUNT OF PROTECTION: Not only does SureDeposit reduce a tenant’s cash outlay, it also boosts the amount of protection you have to offset damages or losses. Property management companies that implement SureDeposit can raise their minimum security deposit requirements to a more appropriate level, resulting in better loss protection, regardless of whether the tenant opts to pay the refundable security deposit or the non-refundable surety
bond payment.

Why would your tenants be interested in SureDeposit?

The program’s appeal for tenants is simple: retaining scarce cash flow. Bond payments are a fraction of the cost of a typical security deposit, which dramatically reduces the up-front costs required to move into a new rental space.

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You can also visit us at www.suredeposit.com.