Leased & Financed Equipment Protection
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We are able to offer our clients superior service because we are ONE company handling all of the components of your insurance program. Our in-house services range from administration, operations, claims services, legal services, and more.
  Increase Our Customer’s Core Competitiveness

Our direct approach allows more flexibility in creating financial strategies that maximize our clients’ revenue through profit sharing arrangements. This gives our clients the ability to become more competitive in their core leasing or lending business.

  Provide Risk Mitigation and Protection

Assurant’s LFEP Program protects your leased and financed assets, including those that are uninsured, so you can focus on your core business worry-free. Our program can also provide comprehensive insurance tracking services and insurance placement for higher risk collateral such as commercial vehicles, depending on your business’s individual needs.

  Offer Operational Efficiencies

We know that our clients’ needs are unique and what may benefit one, may not be advantageous to another. With this in mind, Assurant will evaluate you business and provide a customized insurance solution to fit your needs.

Our LFEP Program provides an uninsured loss endorsement through a post-lease origination program that eliminates the need for continuous insurance tracking. However, for customers with higher risk collateral property such as commercial vehicles, we provide customized tracking and placement of insurance when necessary.

  Enhance The Customer Experience

We pride ourselves on prompt customer response time with numerous customer service associates dedicated to our Leased & Financed business. You can rest assured knowing that your customers will consistently receive timely, professional and friendly service.