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Our program provides insurance tracking services and insurance placement for lenders of manufactured homes, ensuring that your investment is well protected. Assurant Specialty Property will evaluate your business and provide a customized insurance tracking solution and lender-placed policy to fit your needs. Loan portfolios are managed on AssurTrack, our web-based in-house tracking system. When coverage is not maintained, a “lender-placed” policy is issued to protect your interests. Through a dedicated team of trained customer service and client support professionals, we ensure that your manufactured housing portfolios are protected and provide ongoing assistance to you and your customers.


  • Lessor/lender-placed policies ensure that insurance coverage is in place to protect your interests and reduce your risk.
  • AssurTrak is an Oracle-based relational database, which allows us to customize our tracking services to meet your specific needs and ensure maximum service and performance for ongoing support.
  • Online access to view policies and portfolios.
  • Access to exposure reports.
  • Service standards that offer you continuous value-added support.