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What to do if you have a Harvey property claim

  1. Call Us - Reporting your damage starts the claim process. Once you have reported it, a claim adjuster will contact you as soon as possible.
    Please call us toll-free - we are here to help.

    American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida:
    800.358.0600 (property)
    800.423.4403 (National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Flood policy)

    American Security Insurance Company: 800.326.2845

    Hallmark County Mutual Insurance Company: 800.358.0600

    Ranchers and Farmers Mutual Insurance Company: 800.358.0600

    Standard Guaranty Insurance Company:

    Voyager Indemnity Insurance Company
    : 800.358.0600

  2. Renters Insurance – If you have a Renters Insurance policy, the fastest way to report a claim is online at: MyAssurantPolicy.com.

  3. Emergency Repairs - Without risking your own safety, take steps to prevent further damage. Boarding up broken windows, waterproofing openings in the roof or walls and removing water from a saturated carpet, if possible, can significantly reduce subsequent damage. Keep an accurate record of your repair expenditures. Take photos.

  4. Protect Personal Property - Protect your personal property from further damage. Separate items that may be cleaned and/or repaired. If you have this line of coverage with us, check with your claim adjuster before discarding any items that you plan to claim as damaged.

  5. Temporary Housing - If you can no longer live in your home, find temporary housing for your family. If you have this line of coverage with us, do not enter into long-term leases until you talk to a claim representative. Keep all receipts associated with temporary housing, meals and other miscellaneous expenses.

  6. Inventory - If you have this line of coverage with us, prepare a room-by-room inventory of your damage and your damaged property. Descriptions of damaged property should include brand names, model numbers, age, purchase price and place of purchase.

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